Replacing a dead Thinkpad x200s

As my beloved Thinkpad x200s died (it began with the backlights’ death and ended shortly afterwards with not booting after POST), I was in dire need of a new laptop.

For quite some time now I was thinking about getting myself a Dell XPS 13, but after searching for opinions on that laptop, I wasn’t so sure about it anymore. My main concern was the money factor. Why would I need to buy a laptop that costs more than 1000€? Just for the sellers warranty?

What I wanted was a sturdy laptop. It should be fast enough for newer technology (like building Docker images) and still should be manageable in weight and size. Having created my list, I searched for many laptops, even though I knew it would either be a Thinkpad (again) or the Dell XPS 13. I’ve seen and used the XPS 13 for one week but it hasn’t impressed me that much.

Now I am back to a Thinkpad x230, thanks to the help of r/thinkpad.