Thoughts on NixOS

I’ve been using NixOS on my newly added server from netcup for the past few weeks. Their philosophy is great. Declare everything in a (not so) simple file and let the operating system configure the needed services. IMHO NixOS main problem is their declaration. Is it intuitive? Definitely not. At least not for me.

That was one of the main problems I’ve encountered. Having to learn another languages syntax just to use a new operating system. It would have been a big problem, if I wouldn’t be using Docker images for everything I need.

But it’s just not good enough for me. I want to point out a few bugs I’ve encountered myself since using NixOS:

Just those few bugs show, that it still has a long way to go IMHO. Another problem with NixOS is, it hasn’t exceeded the critical mass. Documentation is sparse, as far as I’m concerned and it’s more of a small hobbyists project than a distribution I could use now.

Let it mature, let more people use it and let it have more and better documentation. Then I could go back to using it.

For now I’m back to using Ansible with Arch Linux on every other system I’m using (and yes, that includes my main server now). Upgrading my systems is just a 7 line Playbook. Sooner or later I will make the switch. Maybe not as drastic as Jess, but I will make a switch.